Top 10 Funko Pop Marvel

We are going to show the top 10 Marvel Funko Pop in today’s post.


We already listed 10 TOP FUNKO POP DISNEY, here is our next top 10 FUNKO POP MARVEL. Everyone knows Marvel, one of the two biggest comics universes beside DC. Funko Pops got a huge collection of MCU-themed figures.

Here are the top 10 Funko Pop Marvel Figures

Thor Ragnarok Hulk Funko Pop Marvel Bobblehead
Hulk Funko Pop
Hulk Funko Pop PrIce

HULK SMASH! The Hulk from latest Thor series Movie – Ragnarok features a Hulk Funko Pop wearing a mohawk-styled helmet as well as some war body paintings and a huge hammer! The Hulk Bobblehead comes also in the second variant – without the helmet and an axe instead of a hammer!

Spiderman Funko Pop Marvel BobbleheadSpiderman Funko PopSpiderman Funko Pop Price

A famous kid that was bitten by a spider furthermore turns into a brave Spider-Man hero. Peter Parker have different variants of Spider-Man Funko Pop figurines- from glowing in dark ones and also in different clothes! Therefore every fan of Spiderman will find a suitable figurine from most of the universes

Third Funko Pop Marvel is


Captain America The Winter Soldier Funko Pop Marvel Bobblehead
Winter Soldier Funko PopWinter Soldier Funko Pop Price

Captain America side-kick that used to got brain-washed and become a mind-controlled assassin for Russian Army. He was responsible for Iron Man a.k.a Tony Stark parents death which turned out in the 2014 Captain America movie.


Punisher Funko Pop Marvel Bobblehead
Punisher Funko PopPunisher Funko Pop PriceFrank Castle, a former Marines soldier and Vietnam veteran family gets killed in massacre and is the only one that has survived it.


Amazing Spiderman Tony Stark Funko Pop Marvel Bobblehead
Tony Stark Funko Pop
Tony Stark Funko Pop Price

Genius, billionaire, playboy and a philanthropist- the famous quote Tony Stark said is the best words describing that Marvel character. The Tony Stark Marvel Funko Pop also have other variants. This one is non-armored and features an awesome kitty t-shirt. We love it! Pure savage


Lets jump to number 6


Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Funko Pop Marvel BobbleheadStar Lord Funko PopStar Lord Funko Pop PricePeter Quill- also one of the Guardian of the Galaxy, The son of human Meredith Quill and Spartoi J’son. He listens to his walkman many times in the movie- making him look like a very relaxed person with also a lot of sense of humor


Avengers Hulk Buster Funko Pop Marvel BobbleheadHulk Buster FunkoHulk Buster Funko Pop PriceTony Stark Iron mans gigantic version. The purpose of Hulk Buster is pretty clear- it is supposed to stand head-to-head with the almighty Hulk and, pretty much, make him stop the destruction he does. Due to the technology inside the superb armor does the job pretty well


Deadpool Funko Pop Marvel Bobblehead

Deadpool Funko
Deadpool Funko Pop PriceReal name Wade Wilson- got his power from Weapon X program. Because of that He has one of the most desirable abilities- such as higher agillity, reflex, strentgh and endurance. But top of it all he is immortal- and has the abillity to self-head within minutes. The figure comes in many styles depending on the universe. You can also get different colours aswell. The one we love most is featuring a rubber duck!

Last 2 of our top 10 FUNKO POP MARVEL


Black Panther Erik Killmonger Funko Pop Marvel Bobblehead

Erik Killmonger Funko
Erik Killmonger Funko Pop PriceWakanda Native- Erik Killmonger a.k.a N’Jadaka. He and his family are exiled and lives in Harlem, New York. He gets into Wakanda eventually and tries to consequently claim the throne!

Our top pick goes to


Stan Lee Funko Pop Marvel Bobblehead

Stan Lee Funko

Stan Lee Funko Pop PriceWhat would Marvel be without Stan Lee? Prolly Nothing. The creator of the most recognizable Marvel character. Awesome screen-writer, movie producer and most of all- the comic illustrator. As a result all of the Marvel movies features Him in at least one scene, most of all some funny one

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