Top 10 Funko Pop Disney

Here is the list of the TOP 10 FUNKO POP DISNEY FIGURES


You should already know what Funko Pop Vinyls are. If You still wonder- our previous post covered that and should help You. Today we are focusing on Funko Pop Disney

Hop onto and read about our top picks !

Alice in the Wonderland Cheshire Cat Funko Pop Disney Bobblehead

Alice in the Wonderland Cheshire Cat Funko Pop

Cheshire Cat Funko Pop Price

Who does not know Alice in the Wonderland?. The 2010 Tim Burtons movie takes the animation to another level. With its awesome cast with Johnny Depp as Mad Hatter, Helena Bohnam Carter as Red Queen and finally Mia Wasikowska as Alice herself. Most of the characters in the movie got their Funko Pop Version as well, but we sure love the Cheshire Cat the most! With its big green eyes and the epic smile showing all its teeth, it is the one of the most desirable Funko Pop Disney out there.

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Funko Pop Disney BobbleheadBuzz Lightyear Funko Pop

Buzz Lightyear Funko Pop Price

Toy Story first movie was made in 1995. Since then Disney made 3 more movie which of the last one was in 2010. Everybody got in love with the history of the poor figures that were thrown away once their owner got older as they refused to end up with another kid. The new movie Toy Story 4 is coming out in 2019. You surely won’t get rid of the Toy Story Funko Pop Disney figures once You get older, they are suitable for every age, the details on this Buzz Lightyear Funko Pop Disney is so precise it looks like it was a real human!
More to add, there are many variants of the same figures, You can get different poses which is great!

Frozen Elsa Funko Pop Disney Bobblehead

Elsa Funko Pop

Elsa Funko Pop Price

Frozen, this movie was so famous when it came out. Not only for the visual aspects and its awesome storyline, but also for the music. Everyone should know the song that Elsa sing in the movie because it got so popular- making social media influencers and singers crazy about it. This Funko was tribute to the main character which turned into a ‘snow queen’. The details on this one are great, especially the small frozen starlight she holds in her hand. There are also more variants of Elsa figure- like Young Elsa Funko Pop

Last three places of Funko Pop Disney Collection done, lets jump to next ones

Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow Funko Pop Disney BobbleheadJack Sparrow Funko Pop

Jack Sparrow Funko Pop Price


But why is the rum gone? Said Jack Sparrow in the Pirate of the Caribbean Movie. A story line of Pirates started back in 2003 with the debut movie Pirate of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and followed a story of the listed above Jack Sparrow an outlaw funny pirate that had a lot of funny situation. The character quickly gained many fans across the world, and so is its Funko Pop Disney figure. As the previous one, Jack Sparrow Funko Pop got more than one variant to satisfy ever Pirate of the Caribbean fan aswell as Funko Pop fans

Mickey Mouse Funko Pop Disney Bobblehead

Mickey Mouse Funko Pop

Mickey Mouse Funko Pop Price

One of the most recognizable character from Disney along with Donald Duck and Goofy and also one of the first from the Disney Merchandise. This Funko Pop is a replica of the original Mickey Mouse character. It will satisfy all of the Funko Pop collectors as well as Disney followers. It is also the first Disney Funko Pop which was made, the number 1 on the Funko Pop Box indicates that.

5 Already listed, let’s get to the next 5

Maleficent Funko Pop Disney Bobblehead

Maleficent Funko Pop

Maleficent Funko Pop Price

The good witch that turned bad, we all know that story- She got abused by humans and turned dark side. The story follows main character named Maleficient played by Angelina Jolie who put a curse on kings daughter Aurora. For sure the Funko Pop Figure won’t cast any spell on You, but maybe she will, if You treat it bad, but then again, who would do any harm to a figure as awesome as that? Plus, it is Angelina Jolie!

The Lion King Simba Funko Pop Disney Bobblehead

Simba Funko Pop

Simba Funko Pop Price

A cute Simba Funko Pop from The Lion King. It is so cute that every kid will love it! Plus the cartoon The Lion King is one of the most popular movies, with at the time of 1994 had quite a good animation plus the one of the most recognizable Elton John leading song in the soundtrack. Adults will love it too, as it will bring back the childhood memories

And  3 top places goes to:

Wall-E Funko Pop Disney Bobblehead

Wall-E Funko Pop

Wall-E Funko Pop Price

The story around Wall-E Character is sad and we all know it. However the Funko Pop despite looking sad is great, it is detailed and quality one. If You get one, Wall-E will surely be happy!

Inside Out Joy Funko Pop Disney Bobblehead

Joy Funko Pop

Inside Out Funko Pop Price

Inside out- an Oscar-winning movie from 2015 about Riley which emotions are literally living inside her also trying to cooperate with each other in order to make the ‘owner’ most satisfied in the new situation- moving to a new city! A full of joy Joy Funko Pop Vinyl will sure bring a lot of JOY to anyone who has it. The coloring of the figure is very friendly with all its pastels colors. Remember the movie got an Oscar award  for best-animated movie of 2016 and many other awards

And the last Funko Pop Disney in our TOP 10 is:

Beauty and the Beast Cogsworth Funko Pop Disney Bobblehead

Cogsworth Funko Pop

Cogsworth Funko Pop Price


2017 Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson as the Beauty and Dan Stevens as the beast made a killing when it came to cinemas all around the world. It is a fairy tale  about a king that got turned into an ugly creature to be later discovered by a beautiful girl and fall in love her which leads to breaking the curse. The Cogsworth is a character that is also locked  in the castle. The amount of details on this figure is so big, we have never seen a Funko Pop with such creation. Everything is beautifully crafted  into the figure making it one of the most awesome Funko Pop Disney out there. It make both a great Funko Pop collection part but also an awesome furniture because it looks like a masterpiece when located on the drawer!


Here are the top 10 Funko Pop Disney We think are the best. What do You think? Do You have them already? Or do You think some Funko deserves a spot here aswell? Write it in the comments below the article.

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