Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Coming Soon: Energizer Bunny Funko Pop

Energizer Funko Pop

Bring some energy to your collection with a Pop! Ad Icon Energizer Bunny.
PS: Does not come with batteries.

Available only in the U.S. and Canada.

Energizer Bunny Pop Vinyl
Energizer Bunny Funko Pop

Coming soon!

New Dragon Ball Z Funko Wave has been spotted

Dragon Ball Z Funko Pop

IkonCollectables listed the new Dragon Ball Z Pops for a short time. They cant be seen anymore but we got it covered
Here are the glams

No info beside the names and the graphics has been provided so I have no idea about the release dates yet

Coming Soon: Funko Pop! TV—Stranger Things

Stranger Things Alexei Funko Pop

Celebrate Season 3 of Stranger Things with Pop! Robin Buckley wearing her Scoops Ahoy uniform and Pop! Alexei the Russian scientist, the perfect companions for a wild adventure.

Stranger Things Robin Funko Pop
Alexei Funko Pop

Coming soon!

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Coming Soon: Pop! Ad Icons – Coca-Cola Polar Bear

Coca Cola Bear Pop Vinyl

Funko just officialy announced a long awaited ad icon – Coca Cola Bear! Thats right! The christmas cola bear that brings us coca cola commercials every year!

Coca Cola Bear Funko Pop

Coming soon!

Coming Soon: Funko Pop! Games—Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeon and Dragons Pop Vinyl

Go on a fantasy adventure with the beloved tabletop role-playing game that brought to life elves, dwarves, tieflings and DRAGONS. Pop! Asmodeus is the Lord of the Nine Hells and should be regarded with suspicion as he’s likely to try to bargain for your soul. Pop! Mind Flayer is not a creature you’d want to meet alone in the Underdark. And Pop! Minsc and Boo might seem like unlikely companions as a human ranger and miniature giant space hamster, but they will have your back in any fight against evildoers – you know, like those other two.

Asmodeus Funko Pop
Mind Flayer Funko pop
 Minsc and Boo Funko Pop

Coming soon!

Coming Soon: Funko Pop Movies-Gladiator

Gladiator Funko Pop

Root for the ultimate underdog with Pop! Maximus and the ultimate villain with Pop! Commodus.

Gladiator Maximus Funko Pop
Gladiator Commodus Funko Pop

Bring home Pop! Maximus with a helmet available exclusively on the Funko online store. For Your Entertainment has an exclusive Pop! Maximus with armor.

Gladiator Maximus Helmet Funko Pop
Gladiator Maximus

Coming soon!

Coming Soon: Funko Pop Rides: Lord of the Rings—Gwaihir with Gandalf

Gandalf Pop Ride

Soar over Middle-earth with Gwaihir the Windlord, the mightiest of the Great Eagles of the Third Age. This Pop! Ride Gwaihir and Gandalf is a must-have for fans of The Lord of the Rings, wizards and great eagles.

LOTR Gandalf Gwaihir Pop Ride

Coming soon!

Coming Soon: Pop Vinyl Tombstone

Tombstone Funko Pop

“I’m your huckleberry.” Celebrate the wild west with your favorite Tombstone characters including Pop! Doc Holliday, Pop! Doc Holliday with a cup, Pop! Virgil Earp, Pop! Wyatt Earp and Pop! Morgan Earp.

Tombstone Doc Holiday Pop! Vinyl Figure
Tombstone Virgil Earp Pop! Vinyl Figure
Tombstone Wyatt Earp Pop! Vinyl Figure
Tombstone Morgan Earp Pop! Vinyl Figure

Pop! Doc Holliday with Cup is a Target exclusive.

Doc Cup Pop Vinyl

Pop! Doc Holliday in a tense standoff is available as a Walmart exclusive.

Pop Doc Holiday Funko Pop

Coming soon!

Coming Soon: Speed Racer Funko Pop

Speed Racer Pop Vinyl

Race for glory, friendship, and fun with a Pop! Ride Speed Racer with his beloved car, Mach 5. Round out the race with a Pop! Speed Racer wearing a helmet with a Chase, and Pop! Racer X!

Speed Racer Pop Vinyl

Coming Soon: Funko Pop! Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Vinyl

Hold the door. Relive this haunting scene with Pop! Hodor.

Hodor Funko Pop

Pick up the BoxLunch exclusive, Pop! Ser Brienne of Tarth, in all of her golden armor glory.

Brienne Funko Pop

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