Next Wave of Avengers Pops has been announced

The Endgame movie is already in cinemas and most of us already seen it and love it.
Funko just presented new figures from the movies best moments and figures to go along the first wave presented previously

To go with color chrome variants Thanos Pop that was Walmart exclusive this time we are getting another rainbow chromed figure- Hulk, coming in 6 colors! Those are commons

Endgame Chrome Hulk Pop
Endgame Chrome Hulk Pop

Going further- another Hulk- this time it is a pajama version of green Bruce Banner- and it is super-sized- 6 inch Hulk, not only that, he is wearing an infinity gauntlet on his right hand! With all the infinity stones attached to the glove!Infinity Gauntlet Hulk Pop

Next, we got the Thor Funko Pop! Not the Thor we all know, this one is wearing sandals, sunglasses and a red coat to go along with his don’t-care-about anything attitude! We love it!Endgame Sunglasses Thor Pop

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And another Thor, completely opposed to the previous one. Armored in a black suit and carrying Stormbreaker and Mjolnir in his hands! Seems like he is about to fight! That particular Thor Funko Pop is an FYE Exclusive

Endgame Thor

Finally, the last vinyl is Petter Potts as Rescue. Featuring the blue-ish female version of Starks Iron Man armor

Rescue Funko Pop

We think more Pops are on its way, as there are so many more characters from the movie that surely deserves a booblehead vinyl variant!

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