New York Toy Fair 2019


The New York Toy fair ended 3 days ago. It was a huge event for every figures collector. Many new items from all companies were shown during it. Funko fans had a lot to see. Over 50 new lines were presented including totally new Funko Pop Towns, Vynls and 5Stars. In this post, we gonna show all of the Funko releases that the company introduced. Prepare for a lot of images!

2. Ten NYTF Funko reveals already covered, but there are plenty more! Here is the next couple of new New Your reveals:

Pop! Animation: Castlevania
Do You like other vampires besides Twilight? 5 Castlevania Funko Pops to choose from, Trevor Belmont, Vlad Dracula Tepes Pop, Blue Fangs, Adrian Tepes and Sylpha Belnades.

Pop! Animation: Betty Boop – Mermaid
One new Betty Boop in Mermaid-style wear sitting on a stone with shelves

Pop! Animation: The Simpsons
The long-awaited Simpsons Pops new line is here. Seven new Simpsons vinyl figures and one exclusive to Hot Topic- Muumuu Homer!

Here are two of the newly announced line Pop! Towns and those are awesome, a big place along with Pop! Figure. Somehow reminds of the Pop! Movie Moments.

Pop! Town: Scooby Doo – Haunted Mansion
This Pop! Town is a Scooby Doo with a huge haunted mansion

Pop! Town: Spongebob Squarepants
Spongebob vinyl figure with a pineapple house!

Pop! Comics: Garfield
Two new common Garfield Funko Pops- Odie and Garfield itself, and another Garifled the cat Pop but holding a cup with ‘I hate Mondays’ written on it. The last one is the Funko Shop exclusive.

Pop! Television: Sanford and Son
A 5 years old and 136 episodes long series Funko Pops featuring Lamont Sanford and Fred Sanford

Pop! Television: Hercules and Xena
The well-known hero from Legendary Journeys played by Kevin Sorbo and the warrior princess- Xena


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