New York Toy Fair 2019

The New York Toy fair ended 3 days ago. It was a huge event for every figures collector. Many new items from all companies were shown during it. Funko fans had a lot to see. Over 50 new lines were presented including totally new Funko Pop Towns, Vynls and 5Stars. In this post, we gonna show all of the Funko releases that the company introduced. Prepare for a lot of images!

Here are the first 10 New York Toy Fair Funko reveals

Pop! Animation: Yu Yu Hakusho
From a Japanese anime based on the manga that has sold over 50 million copies

Pop! Rocks: Kiss
A famous rock and roll band- Kiss Funko Pops – Starchild, Demon, Spaceman and Catman Funko Pop

Pop! Rocks: Johnny Cash
Another music Pop- this time its rock and roll, folk and gospel legend Johnny Cash Funko Pop

Pop! Rocks: NSYNC
Heres the famous boyband from mid 90’s that every girl went crazy about! Justin Timberlake Funko Pop along with JC, Joey, Lance, and Chris

Pop! Rocks: Post Malone
Famous for his music, songwriting but also tattoo- Post Malone by Funko

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Pop! Rocks: MIGOS
American Hip Hop trio- Migos, choose between Offset, Takeoff and Quavo Pop Vinyl

Pop! Rocks: Backstreet Boys
Another popular musical boys group from 90′- Backstreet Boys! – Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, Kevin Richardson, AJ McLean, and Howie Dorough Funko Pops

Pop! Rocks: BTS
The world favorite K-Pop group! BTS finally got his Pops! You can choose from Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V and Jungkook vinyl Pop! Figures. A whole bundle will be available at Barnes and Nobles with all seven figures

Pop! Animation: Fairy Tail
Bring home Zeref Dragneel, Gajeel Redfox, Panther Lily, and Frosch.

5 Star: My Hero Academia and Exclusive Deku Funko Pop
Addition to last My Hero Academia line here’s the new release from that also animation

Ten NYTF Funko reveals already covered, but there are plenty more! Here is the next couple of new New Your reveals:

Pop! Animation: Castlevania
Do You like other vampires besides Twilight? 5 Castlevania Funko Pops to choose from, Trevor Belmont, Vlad Dracula Tepes Pop, Blue Fangs, Adrian Tepes and Sylpha Belnades.

Pop! Animation: Betty Boop – Mermaid
One new Betty Boop in Mermaid-style wear sitting on a stone with shelves

Pop! Animation: The Simpsons
The long-awaited Simpsons Pops new line is here. Seven new Simpsons vinyl figures and one exclusive to Hot Topic- Muumuu Homer!

Here are two of the newly announced line Pop! Towns and those are awesome, a big place along with Pop! Figure. Somehow reminds of the Pop! Movie Moments.

Pop! Town: Scooby Doo – Haunted Mansion
This Pop! Town is a Scooby Doo with a huge haunted mansion

Pop! Town: Spongebob Squarepants
Spongebob vinyl figure with a pineapple house!

Pop! Comics: Garfield
Two new common Garfield Funko Pops- Odie and Garfield itself, and another Garifled the cat Pop but holding a cup with ‘I hate Mondays’ written on it. The last one is the Funko Shop exclusive.

Pop! Television: Sanford and Son
A 5 years old and 136 episodes long series Funko Pops featuring Lamont Sanford and Fred Sanford

Pop! Television: Hercules and Xena
The well-known hero from Legendary Journeys played by Kevin Sorbo and the warrior princess- Xena

A huge amount of the new Adams Family Funko Pops

Total of six common Adamms Family was shown, one of which- Gomez with chase variant, with four new exclusives- Lurch, a Funko-shop exclusive, Wallgreens Fester and Entertainment Earth exclusive that comes in 2-pack- Gomez and Morticia Pop figures

Pop! Television: Cheers

Pop! Television: Community
Choose between six Community main characters- Abed Nadir, Troy Barnes, Jeff Winger, Annie Edison, Shirley Bennett, and Ben Chang.

Pop! Television: The Office
Desired by the fans – The Office Funko Pops are about to finally come, following most of the series characters- that everyone loves. Perfect addition for anyone that loves the series Seven common pops, including Michael Scott, Pam Beesly, Dwight Schrute, Darryl Philbin, Kevin Malone with chili and Jim Halpert with a Chase variant plus a 2-pack with Toby and Michael Funko Pops

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Pop! Television: Dawson’s Creek
Four Pops from this series- Pop! Dawson Leery, Pop!
Joey Potter, Pop! Pacey Witter and Pop! Jen Lindley

Pop! Television: Billions
Another TV series The Billion are getting four pop figures- Pop! Chuck Rhoades,
Bobby “Axe” Alexrod, Wendy Rhoades and Taylor Mason.

We are halfway done. There are still many amazing new Funko Pops for You to see.

Pop! Television: The Big Bang Theory
The huge series that has a big fandom all over the globe just got his Pop! Variants. Moreover there come in big- eight new figures were shown

Pop! Television: Wheel of Fortune
The well known entertaining series that runs its 36th season right now sure deserves a pop

Pop! Television: Jeopardy
Alex Trebek that has hosted the show for over 8000 episodes comes with a common and a chase variant of His Alex Trebek Funko Pop

Pop! Animation: Rick and Morty
Still waiting for the season 4 to come- a cartoon phenomenon throughout the world- Rick and Morty sure required a new Funko Pops. Pop! Purge Suit Morty, Pop! Purge Suit Rick, Pop! Berserker Squanchy, Pop! Dr. Xenon Bloom, Pop! Resistance Goldenfold, and 6″ Pop! Exoskeleton Snowball. Along with three exclusives- Get Schwifty Rick Funko Pop for Hot Topic, Get Schwifty Morty exclusively to Barnes and Nobles and finally the PX exclusive GITD version of Pickle Rick Funko Pop

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Pop! Movies -Alien

Celebrating the 40 years anniversary of this Horror Sci-Fi epic movie Funko prepared a whole new collection. Xenomorph and Ripley being the characters that got their Alien Pop Keychain, a 2-pack Vynl, 2 common Pop figures and 2 being exclusives- Ripley as a Funko-Shop exclusive and blue-ish metallic Specialty Series Xenomorph

Pop! Movies: Beverly Hills Cop
A comedy from 1984 with detective Axel, one is wearing low-key outfit while the second variant holds a pair of banana

Vynl.: Up in Smoke – Cheech & Chong
From 40 years old full-length movie „Up in smoke” here comes Pedro and Anthony Vynl 2-pack

Pop! Movies: Pretty Woman
Famous romance movie and four Pretty Woman Funko Pop featuring the show main characters

Funko seems to love old movies as they revealed a lot of Movies Funko Pops, but they are not done yet. Here are the next reveals

Pop! Movies: Caddyshack
Celebrating the 1980 classic comedy Funko brings your favorite characters including Pop! Carl Spackler, Pop! Gopher, Pop! Judge Elihu Smails, Pop! Ty Webb with a chase and Pop! Al Czervik. Also 2 Pop! Pez

Pop! Movies: JAWS
1975 horror about a killer shark is here. Not only featuring the main Jaws Funko Pops character but also two of 6 inch Shark variants one of which is biting a diving tank!

Pop! Movies: Forrest Gump
Run, Forest run! what else we can add here?

Pop! Movies: Men in Black
Men in Black is another movie Funko covers with their own figures. The two alien-hunter from MIB Department are getting their own Pops. As well as the alien in Edgar body from Men in black 1, and an Agent J also having a Funko-shop exclusive

Pop! Movies: Super Troopers
Two famous troopers Carl Foster and Robbie ‘Rabbit’ Roto Funko Pop

Pop! Movies – Ghostbusters
This one is huge. Funko showed us a lot of new Ghostbusters items. Stay Puft the Marshmallow key chain together with Slimer Keychain. Eight new Ghostbusters Pop! Pez two of which are exclusives to Walmart and one being a GITD Pop Pez, 5Star figures of the 4 Ghostbusters. A two new Super Plush and four new Pop Pens Topper -Slimmer and Stay Puft. A whole pack of 12 Ghostbusters Mystery Minis plus four Specialty Series Mystery minis and three exclusive to Gamestop. An awesome Pop Movie Moment with Peter Venkman and Egon Spengler trying to catch a Slimer a Peter Venkman Pop! Town and finally six new common Ghostbusters Pop Vinyls figures plus Walmart Exclusive translucent Slimer and 10 inches Stay Puft only at Gamestop

Pop! Movies: The Secret Life of Pets 2
New keychain and new Secret Life of Pets Funko Pops

Pop! Movies: Hellboy
A single Hellboy Funko Pops from a Hellboy movie that is yet to come to theaters on April 12

Pop! Movies: Pet Sematary
A scary looking figure from Pet Sematary-Gage and Church covered in blood

Vynl.: Suicide Squad
Comes with 2-pack and features Joker and Harley Vynls

Pop! Marvel and Rock Candy: Dark Phoenix
From the upcoming Marvel Xmen movie- here comes the Dark Pheonix Funko Pop along with Rock candy. Hot Topic will have an exclusive with a chance of a chase that glows in the dark. Also, Walmart is getting one pop vinyl that will be GITD figure. Moreover, there are four new Marvel Pop! Pez.

Savage World: Street Fighter
The popular fighting game for PC and consoles is here- six new savage world action figure, two of which are Chase Chun Li figure and Blanka chase variant.

Here are some new Funko Pop Pez that was shown during NYTF

Pop! PEZ: Star Wars™
4 new Star Wars Pop! Pez was revealed.

Pop! PEZ: Disney Villains
Maleficent, Ursula, Cruella De Vil, and The Evil Queen been spotted

Pop! PEZ: Wreck-It Ralph
Wreck-It Ralph 2 that hit the cinema this year got three new Pop Pez- Venellope, Ralph and Fix-it Felix

Pop! PEZ: Hanna-Barbera
Your favorite childhood characters from Hanna-Barbera also received their Pez items

and finally, Pop! PEZ: Ad Icons
Featuring Pop Pez Green Giant and Sprout along with Big Boy

Back to Funko Pops

Pop! Ad Icons: Otter Pops
Alexander the Grape, Pop! Poncho Punch, Pop! Strawberry Short Kook, Pop! Little Orphan Orange and Pop! Sir Isaac Lime all featuring different colors to put some rainbow-ish style to Your collection

Pop! AD Icons: Green Giant, Sprout and Kool Aid

Pop! Icons: Jim Henson
Coming with two figures, one of which is Target exclusive Jim Henson holding Kermit the Frog

Pop! Sports Legends
Two new sport legends- Muhammad Ali and Babe Ruth Funko Pop

Pop! MLB: Mascots
A lot of new Baseball Mascots Funko Pops for every fan

Funko also did not forget about the baseball players, here are the
MLB Pops

Following the sports theme, NFL Griffin Brother Funko Pops were revealed, this is a 2-pack

Another Pops figures, this time from Nascar

And the NYTF Funko last reveal!

Spiderman Far From Home Funko Pops and Keychains

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