Funko Pop

What is Funko Pop?
Let’s start from the beginning.

Funko is a United Stats Company founded in 1989, October most famous for their figures- Funko Pop. Company original founder was Mike Becker. First, it was a small company creating minor toys. That is when their toys visual concept started- Bobblehead which looks consisted of oversized head compared to body

In 2005 Funko LLC was sold. Brain Mariotti became a new owner and a president of the toy company.  Under his wings, the company made a great progress and extended their line of toys to the huge collection. Because of that they are signing even more contracts with a lot of top media companies such as Marvel resulting in Funko Pop Marvel line, Disney- resulting in Funko Pop Disney Line. The contracts are still growing and so is Funko Collection.

The most popular Funko Pop Vinyl lines are


  • Mopeez



  • Dorbz



The most recognizable are however Pop Figure line. The original bobblehead figures that  Funko are making since the very beginning.

They are known worldwide for their many lines. Almost all of  popular fandoms got a Funko Pop line, from Harry Potter to games lines such as Blizzards Overwatch and also World of Warcraft.

Top 5 most desirable Pop Figures lines

  • Disney
  • Game of Thrones
  • Star Wars
  • Walking Dead
  • Marvel

Every of those Funko collections listed above got plenty of separate figures, also which of comes in many types, for example glowing in the dark, masked, unmasked and also wearing different costumes!


The company does not stop it. They are signing the contracts frequently, expending the lines therefore satisfying all the Funko Lovers.

Funko Vinyls are stepping up the social media game. Also they have their Funko  channel on Youtube.
Most of all more and more people are committing to Funko collections, also celebrities who often take photo with the toys

What do You think about Funko? Do You have some toys from Funko and also what Funko Pop is Your favorite?


Information provided by Funko Wikipedia

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