Funko 6″, 10″, Moments, Ride, Town Pop protectors!

Are you looking for an additional cover for the Pops in your collection?
Protector made of transparent PET for the original packaging of the Funko figurine. This is an ideal cover for boxes with collectible figurines. Here are the Malko Funko Pop protectors!

MALKO Pop Protector 0.5 mm Thick Plastic Case for Vinyl Figures (10 Count)

The transparent cover prepared to protect the boxes with Funko figures is made so that it can be easily opened for placing inside the box or removing it. The bottom of the protector folds automatically which ensures easy storage.

There are several Pop protectors size to fit all of Your regular Pop, aswell as Pop! rides, Pop! Movie Moments along with 6 inch Funko Pops and 10″ Funko Pops

MALKO Pop Protector Case for 10 INCH Vinyl Figures (2 Pack)
10″ Funko Pop protector

MALKO Pop Protector 0.5 mm Thick Plastic Display Case for 6 Inch Vinyl Figures (6 Pack)
6″ Funko Pop protector

If you want to ensure that the box for the purchased figurine is intact, you should take care of the protector. It is not expensive, and ensures long-term security of the packaging in which the figurine is contained. The offer is addressed especially to collectors who want to keep their collections in flawless condition for many years.

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