Fallout 76 Pops are coming.

Nuclear Fallout 76 Pop Vinyls are here!

The recent premiere of Bethesda Studio new Fallout series game Fallout 76 was all over the gaming news. It is a multiplayer game inside the post-apocalyptic world that Fallout fans love. Everyone wanted to play it. Funko jumped into the wagon revealing Fallout 76 Funko Pops! Despite the fact many people are reporting issues with the game itself, the fiigures are truelly awesome.

The whole announced line consists of 6 common figures which are:

  • Excavator Armor Funko Pop featuring an awesome helmet and a yellow-styled suit
  • Vault Dweller vinyl figure holding a gun
  • Mole Miner with awesome swamp look
  • Strength Funko Pop flexing his muscle like a boss!
  • Radtoad pop figure scary looking radioactive creature with many eyes
  • Mothman a terrific looking insect that is going to eat You!
Fallout 76 Pop Vinyls
Fallout 76 Pop Vinyls

Our top pick for these common goes to Strenght, he looks amazing with all this muscle and the level of details

Want more of the Nuclear themed Fallout 76 pops ? Funko got You covered

There are 2 exclusive variants, one of which is T-51 Funko Pop that can be obtained in Walmarts stores. It has this awesome rusty mini-gun ready to fire any minute and blue armor!

T-51 Power Armor Funko Pop
T-51 Power Armor Funko Pop

And the second on is X-01 Power Armor Funko pop and it is a GameStop Exclusive. Red armored figure holding a sword. It kind of remind us of Predator, what do You think ?

X-01 Power Armor Funko Pop
X-01 Power Armor Funko Pop

You can preorders the commons already at Entertainment Earth or Pop in a Box, depending on where are You from, the Exclusives are yet to be street dated.

For United States Entertainment Earth Preorders Click here 

If You are from Europe or United Kingdom check out Pop in a Box Click Here

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