Emerald City Comic Con 2019 Funko reveals

Following recent days Funko has shared various new pops exclusives to Emerald City Comic Con 2019. The event is taking part on 13-17 March at Washington State Convention Center in the US. During the event all the collectors and fandoms fans gather to see all the new stuff that they are interested in.

Here is a preview of the items already shown by Funko for ECCC 2019

ECCC 2019 Marvel Funko Pop

ECCC 2019 Marvel Funko


Classic Thor Pop with helmet and Mjolnir in hand-Thor will be shared with GameStop


Korath Pop from the upcoming Captain Marvel movie for Hot Topic

ECCC 2019 Game of Thrones Pop
ECCC Game of Thrones

Waiting for the new season of Game of Thrones? Here comes ECCC Arya Funko Pop. This Pop will be available to get at BoxLunch

ECCC 2019 Harry Potter Pops
ECCC Harry Potter

Coming with 3pack and featuring Fred, Geroge and Ginny Weasley in Irish style clothes. Will hit Barnes and Noble

ECCC 2019 Video Games Funko Pops
ECCC 2019 Overwatch

Pop Overwatch – Sombra – shared with Amazon

Pop! Games – General Raam shared with Gamestop

ECCC 2019 Anime
ECCC Anime

Dragon Ball Z, mystic dragon Porunga in a six-inch variant and will be obtainable with Hot Topic

Fairy Tail Gajeel Pop with Dragon’s Scale, this awesome dragon slayer will be able to get at GameStop

ECCC DC Universe

First, we got Mr. Mxyzptik floating on a stand, going to be shared with Entertainment Earth

Black Canary, shared with Walgreens

5Star Black and Yellow Batman with a grappling hook and bat signal for Hot Topic

and lastly Rock Candy DC Bombshell- Starfire, this particular figure will be shared with Funko-Shop exclusively

Finally, we got ECCC Ad Icons with two new vinyls.
ECCC Ad Icon

ECCC Pillsbury Doughboy holding a shamrock cookie that will be Funko-Shop exclusive

Lime Sour Patch Kid, an addition to the recent Sour Patch Kids Pops that were presented by the company. No info on the share on that one.

ECCC 2019 Disney
ECCC 2019 Disney

Starting with Lions King Hyena pack – Shenzi, Banzai and Edi Pops, coming in three-pack and will be able to order on Amazon

Woodchucks Action figures, also coming in a bundle- Huey, Dewey, and Louie- Target share

Voyd, from Incredibles 2 movie- with an awesome void, get ready to get it on Walmart shelves

ECCC Scott Piligrim!
ECCC Scott Piligrim

3 new Scott Piligrim Pop! Pez are going to be shown during ECCC shared at Funko-Shop

In addition Ramona Flowers Pop with a big mallet also for Funko-Shop

ECCC Skateboards!
ECCC Skateboards

Funko continues on doing skateboard lines with that The Big Lebowski movie scene on the back of the deck. This is going to be shared with FYE

ECCC Television
ECCC Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty Jaguar- wearing no shirt and ready to fight, will be able to find at Hot Topics

Power Ranger FunkO’s Cereal featuring Green Ranger inside, You will find that in FYE stores

Carmen Sandiego Pop, exclusive diamond glitter version that will go with FYE same as cereals


ECCC Movies
ECCC Office Space

An awesome Pop 2-pack with Michael Bolton and Samir fighting with a printer from the show Office Space. Be sure to check Target for that particular item

Lord of the Rings Grishnákh the orc captain at Barnes and Noble

From the director Wes Anderson- the Life Aquatic- Steve Zissou! Exclusive share with Funko-Shop

and lastly, Vynl 2-pack from The Wizard of Oz- Tin Man and The Cowardly Lion- Barnes and Noble share

and the last reveal ECCC Funko
ECCC Freddy Funko

Comes with 2 variants of Freddy Funkoholding in two different colors- one with yellow – which will be Funko-Shop exclusive and the other one being an event-only obtainable

Fin DuChomp- Limited to only 3000 pieces, get only at the comic con

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