Coming Soon: Titanic Funko Pop


Titanic Funko Pop announced!

You loved the movie when You were younger, the awesome Leo and Kate with on a once-in-a lifetime voyage and this happens! It is Your time to grab those awesome characters as bobbleheads!
The level of details on those Titanic funko figures is quite awesome I must tell. The Jack tuxedo and the Rose ball gown are looking amazing.

 Coming as 2 seperate Funko Pops but Target is going to have a special 2-pack variant with both Rose and Jack in different wear as the normal ones.

Titanic Rose Funko Pop
Titanic Rose Funko Pop
Titanic Jack Funko Pop
Titanic Jack Funko Pop
Titanic 2Pack Funko Pop
Titanic 2Pack Funko Pop

What do You think about those Titanic Funko Pop, do You prefer Rose Funko figure or Jack funko pop? Or maybe You will just get the titanic funko pop 2-pack from Target?



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