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Best Funko Pop News. Find the latests information on Funko New items – Dorbz, Vinyls and Mystery Mini collections

Naturallycoolkids.com Rob Zombie

Coming Soon: Rob Zombie Funko Pop!

Bring home a piece of music and film history with Pop! Rob Zombie, musician and director of more than half a dozen...
Colonel Sanders Funko Pop

KFC Colonel Sanders First look

Hot Topic just posted a picture when You can see the first look of Colonel Sanders Funko Pop PREORDER ARE AVAILABLE ON AMAZON- CLICK HERE Preorders...
Lion King Funko Pop

New Lion King Funko Pops are coming!

Funko announcing new Lion King Pop Figures! Along with the new upcoming Lion King movie Funko prepared a new line of Lion King bobbleheads! They...
CapnCrunch Vynl

Cap’N Crunch & Crunchberry Beast Vynl. coming soon!

Funko just announced they are going to continue with Speciality Series releases every month. January they showed us the Cap'n Crunch Vynl. figures. The Funko...
Warner Bros Funko Movie

Funko Movie with Warner Bros Animation

News revealed that Warner Bros is preparing a new animation movie along with Funko. It is most likely to be a live action movie including Funko...
Us Horror Funko Pops

Coming Soon: Pop! Movies – Us

Coming soon! Preorder now! Go on an adventure to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk but don’t be surprised if...
ACDC Funko Pops

AC/DC Funko Pops are coming soon

AC/DC Funko Pops are coming January 2019! Three news Funko Pops Figures from AC/DC just got presented by Funko on their official website. All figures...

Thor vs Thanos Funko Movie Moment Order is up on Hot Topic

Thanos vs Thor Funko Movie moment is up on Hot Topic right now! The price is down to 25.55$ from 36.55$ This Avenger Funko Pop Movie...
SDCC 2019

SDCC Links

Here are the early links for most of the SDCC Shared retailers along with the time they are most likely to get online
Spider Punk Funko Pop

Spider Punk officialy available for preorders!

We have not got any new Gamerverse Funko Pops for a while. This changes today! Many online stores just started to take preorders on a...

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