Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Funko Pop

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DC Super Heroes Pop Vinyls

DC Super Heroes Funko Pops announced

Funko just revealed their 2 new DC Heroes Pop Figures. One is Joker Pop - from Death of the Family comic, and the second...
Bulbasaur Funko Pop

Pokemon Funko Pops finally here!

How long have You waited for new Pokemon Pop Vinyl? Worry no more. Funko just revealed the image of a new figure! It is Bulbasaur...
HTYD Funko Pop

How to Train Your Dragon 3 new Funko Pops

Celebrating the third part of How To Train You Dragon Funko released a new line of Pops They are kind of a spoiler but they...
Live Action Dumbo Pop

Dumbo Live Action Pop coming out

New Tim Burtons Dumbo movie is about to jump into cinemas at 29 March this year. Funko just revealed the Pop vinyl from this...
WWE Vinyls

WWE Funko Pops are coming

Are You a wrestling fan? If so You definitely want to check out that news. Funko just announced a whole new WWE Funko Pops figures The...
Warner Bros Funko Movie

Funko Movie with Warner Bros Animation

News revealed that Warner Bros is preparing a new animation movie along with Funko. It is most likely to be a live action movie including Funko...
London Toy Fair 2019 Funko List

2019 London Toy Fair is HERE!

This year January is big! London Toy Fair event took place at 21 of January. Funko revealed a lot of new lines that will...
Colonel Sanders KFC Funko Pop

KFC Colonel Sanders officially announced

Following the previous post about KFC Pop Funko just officially presented the Colonel Sanders vinyl figure. Beside the one that is holding the chicken nuggets bucket...
Pusheen Funko Pop

Pusheen Pop Figure available now!

Lately, Pusheen Pops pictures were going here and there over the internet, especially Instagram profiles. Now Funko officially announced and is showing the whole...
Fallout 76 Funko Pop

Fallout 76 Pops are coming.

Nuclear Fallout 76 Pop Vinyls are here! The recent premiere of Bethesda Studio new Fallout series game Fallout 76 was all over the gaming news....

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