Friday, December 6, 2019

Funko Pop

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j balvin

J Balvin Pop available!

José Álvaro Osorio Balvín (born May 7, 1985) is a Colombian reggaeton singer, songwriter and rapper. Balvin was born in Medellín, Colombia.At...
10" Ant Man Funko Pop

Amazon exclusive Giant Man Funko Pop coming in March

Funko just released a new epic variant of Ant Man Pop Vinyl Figure. A 10-inch Ant Man Funko Pop We all remember the airport scene...
Toothless Funko Pop

How To Train Your Dragon Funko Pop is coming to Target in January

The famous Dreamworks character from How to Train Your Dragon - Toothless is coming as a Funko Pop Figure next year. He is supposed...
Bulbasaur Funko Pop

Pokemon Funko Pops finally here!

How long have You waited for new Pokemon Pop Vinyl? Worry no more. Funko just revealed the image of a new figure! It is Bulbasaur...
Star Wars Funko Pop

Star Wars Return of the Jedi Funko Pops announced

Big announcement from Funko! The new Star Wars Funko Pops are going to hit the stores in February. 6 new common figures are being released...
Live Action Dumbo Pop

Dumbo Live Action Pop coming out

New Tim Burtons Dumbo movie is about to jump into cinemas at 29 March this year. Funko just revealed the Pop vinyl from this...
South Patch Kids Pop Figure

Sour Patch Kids Pop are coming soon

Sour Patch Kids Pops are coming- as Funko news just announced. They look totally adorable with their glitter-like cover. Just be careful not to bite...
Star Wars Celebration 2019 Funko Pops

Star Wars Celebration 2019 Funko Pops Early Links!

Here are the early links for Star Wars Celebration 2019 shared Pops The link will show blank pages until the Pop will go live in...
Fallout 76 Funko Pop

Fallout 76 Pops are coming.

Nuclear Fallout 76 Pop Vinyls are here! The recent premiere of Bethesda Studio new Fallout series game Fallout 76 was all over the gaming news....
Patina Stan Lee Pop Vinyl

Stan Lee patina Funko Pop!

The famous comic creator Stan Lee that took part in many Marvels cameo has recently passed away. To celebrate his life Funko announced a...