Thursday, September 19, 2019

Funko Pop

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Gladiator Funko Pop

Coming Soon: Funko Pop Movies-Gladiator

Root for the ultimate underdog with Pop! Maximus and the ultimate villain with Pop! Commodus. Preorder at Entertainment Earth
Gandalf Pop Ride

Coming Soon: Funko Pop Rides: Lord of the Rings—Gwaihir with Gandalf

Soar over Middle-earth with Gwaihir the Windlord, the mightiest of the Great Eagles of the Third Age. This Pop! Ride Gwaihir and...
Tombstone Funko Pop

Coming Soon: Pop Vinyl Tombstone

“I’m your huckleberry.” Celebrate the wild west with your favorite Tombstone characters including Pop! Doc Holliday, Pop! Doc Holliday with a cup,...
Speed Racer Pop Vinyl

Coming Soon: Speed Racer Funko Pop

Preorder now Race for glory, friendship, and fun with a Pop! Ride Speed Racer with his beloved car, Mach...
Game of Thrones Vinyl

Coming Soon: Funko Pop! Game of Thrones

Hold the door. Relive this haunting scene with Pop! Hodor. Preorder Hodor at Entertainment...
Jumanji Pop Vinyl

Coming Soon: Funko Pop! Movies—Jumanji

Preorder Alan Parris at Entertainment Earth “You think monkeys, mosquitoes and lions are bad? This is the beginning …...
Harry Potter Advent

Content of Funko Advent calendars

It is August, but we already know the content of some of upcoming Funko Advent calendars Here is a...
Golden Luke Skywalker Funko Pop

Golden Luke Skywalker Pop spotted

A golden Luke Skywalker Pop has been spotted overseas. It has the exclusive sticker thats well known for non-USA market exclusives that...
Marilyn Manson Pop Vinyl

Coming Soon: Marilyn Manson Pop!

Preorder Marilyn Manson “Hey you, what do you see? Something beautiful or something free?” Celebrate singer, songwriter, actor, record...
Wynnona Earp Pop Vinyl

Coming Soon: Wynonna Earp Funko Pop

Preorder Wynonna Earp with a 1/6 chance of chase “Make your peace.” Fans of the supernatural Western series telling...

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