Cap’N Crunch & Crunchberry Beast Vynl. coming soon!

Funko just announced they are going to continue with Speciality Series releases every month. January they showed us the Cap’n Crunch Vynl. figures.

The Funko Speciality Series exclusives will be available in boutique retail, specialty stores, local comic, bookshops, and qualified online retailers to help and boost the sales of small retailers- which is great!

This Month Speciality Series line is a two pack featuring Cap’N Crunch Vynl and Crunchberry Beast Vynl. Ad Icons. Take a look!
Cap'N Crunch Ad Icon Vynl.

Remember to visit Your favorite retailer and grab those awesome Funko Vynl AD icon if You like it! Also, take a look at our Vynl Category!

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