Avengers Endgame Funko Pops leaks

It is 26 March- that means it is exactly a month till the premiere of the new Marvel Avengers movie.

With its upcoming release, many new images with Pop Vinyls from Avengers Endgame showed up. There are various new items shown, Pops but also Duo-packs and Endgame Keychain! Also be sure to check out our Top 10 Funko Pop Marvel POPS we presented previously

Here are the sneak peeks of boxes

As You can see many of the Endgame figures wears the suit that You can see in the latests Marvel trailers!

Here are some of the Funko in-box images

There are more as You can see on the fourth photo- Nebula, Hulk, Ronin which is fact Hawkeye, and Ant Man

Here is an exclusive Ronin, that looks somehow like it could be a chase variant of the previous shown Ronin Funko Pop

And finally we got a new Thanos Pop! Keychain incoming which can be seen here:

Endgame Thanos Keychain

Most of the Endgame Funko Pops are said to release in stores at 31 of March!
Ronin looks like it will be hitting Europe/UK market because of their well-known sticker for this area.

We hope that as the Endgame premiere is closer we will see more and more new Marvel Funko Pops from that movie!

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