Apex Legends Pop Vinyls spotted along with exclusives

New Apex Legends Funko Pops has beed spotted in Ikon Collectibles store system. There will be eight normal figures and four exclusive variants.

We got a sneak peak!

Apex Legends Funko Pop

  • Bangalore Pop! Vinyl
  • Pathfinder Pop! Vinyl
  • Mirage Pop! Vinyl
  • Gibraltar Pop! Vinyl
  • Lifeline Pop! Vinyl
  • Caustic Pop! Vinyl
  • Wraith Pop! Vinyl
  • Bloodhound Pop! Vinyl

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Exclusives are the following:

Translucent Mirage has still unkown retailer, as for the other, Wraith will be Amazon, Lifeline Tie Dye Walmart exclusive, and Sweet 16 Pathfinder will be exclusive to Target

Here is the live preview of the Pops at Instagram

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