2019 London Toy Fair is HERE!

This year January is big! London Toy Fair event took place at 21 of January. Funko revealed a lot of new lines that will be coming out for the next 3-4 months. The reveals were amazing, starting from Funko Pop! Rides through Primal Age figures ending at Vynls and Funko Keychains.

We are going to show all the items that were shown during the event! Take a look!

The first announced line that was revealed is 80th Batman collection.
Batman franchise is turning 80 this year so Funko decided to make an awesome for that occasion. Including 1950 Batmobile Pop Ride and Batman and Robin Funko Pop Movie moment from 1972 along with Batman and Joker movie moment from 1989. Not only this, but they also have shown Hot Topic exclusive Batman Pop. Worth to mention that some of those figures come with a black box! Here are the previews and photos

Another reveal was the DC Primal Age figures, every each holding a weapon. Plus a vicious beast- Krypto the super dog and Batman being Target Exclusive

Disney Pixar 5 Star Incredibles is next, it features of all the Incredibles characters. Along with awesome accessories. You can preorder them at Enterintament Earth right now!

A whole collection of Funko Little Mermaid vinyls, starting with 5 Stars figures through mini vinyl and ending at the Little Mermaid Funko Pops

Following the Disney announcements, here are the Disney SuperCute Plush, from Hercules featuring Baby Pegasus and Baby Hercules Plush itself, and Dumbo SuperCute Plush


Once again, a Disney Line- Woody Vynl figure and Buzz Lightyear Vynl! Those come in a pack, so You can get them both at the same time which is great!

Those were mostly some other lines then Funko Pops, so the next reveals are mostly Pops, we know You been waiting for those! Here they are!

Gears of War Funko Pops

Persona 5 Pop Vinyl with Akechi chase variant

This one is big. Overwatch Funko pops along with keychains! Including  6” inches Wrecking Ball and 6” Bastion Funko Pop! Oh and awesome Reaper Pop moment which we totally love!

The long awaited and mentioned before Warhammer 40k Pop. Total of 4 new figures from it.

An epic Witch King Pop! Ride with Fellbeast from Lord of the Rings movie

Another 5 Star Figures, this time from Harry Potter franchise, featuring Hermione, Ron and Harry in snow-themed school uniforms on their transmutation lesson, and Dobby 5 Star Figure. Also there are Vynls and SuperPlush!


A HUGE reveal from Game of Thrones will every possible Funko line available- Game of Thrones 5 Stars, Game of Thrones Pop! Deluxe with most of the main characters sitting on the iron throne which is great, but also keychains and White Walker Pop! Ride, ending at the pencils and Rock Candy Cersei Lannister

Next on London Toy Fair reveals list is Bewitched, with a total of 3 characters pop figures- those are only concepts so far so the look might change

Also, Funko finally revealed the Aggretusko Funko Pop, consisting of 3 common Aggrettusko Pop vinyl, and 2 variants exclusive to Target, one of which is a 10-inch super size Aggretusko!

Here is what many of collector been looking for- Dragon Ball Z Funko Pops! 8 awesome new common figures and 4 exclusives including a 6 inch Broly Pop and 6 inch SS3 Gotenks. A must-have for every Dragon Ball fans, and an extension to a huge line of DBZ figures if someone already owns it.

Spongebob Squarepants got 4 new pencils along with 3 common and 2 exclusives Hot Topic exclusive band outfit Spongebob and 10-inch Target Spongeboob Funko Pop

Scooby Doo is the next reveal. There’s Shaggy and Scooby-Doo Funko Pop carrying a fast-food along with some of the villains they had to deal with. Plus a Scooby Doo Key chain!

Next, reveal is Space Office.

Morrisey Funko Pop!

Morrissey Funko Pop
Morrissey Funko Pop

Armageddon, Star Trek and Star Wars. Legendary director, screenwriter, and producer! The one, the only. JJ Abrams Funko Pop!

JJ Abrams Funko Pop
JJ Abrams Funko Pop

Almost at the end of reveals!

Football Funko Pops! We already got NBA like Michael Jordan and others, so here come the football players! If You are a fan of Arsenal or Manchester United You will surely want to get some of those pop figures!

And lastly, UFC Funko Pops reveal!

Funko seems to like sports lately, NBA, football, now UFC! The notorious Connor Mc Gregor Funko Pop is finally here, as well as Khabib Pop Vinyl and George St Pierre ready to enter the ring!

UFC Funko Pop
UFC Funko Pop

That is all of the London Toy Fair Funko reveals that we got.

The preorders for the common ones are available on most of the sites, if You want to see the prices check here

Pop In A box Preorders
Pop In A box Preorders
Entertainment Earth Preorder
Entertainment Earth Preorder

What do You think ? Which is Your favourite one that was revealed during the event? Comment below!

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